Website Launch

It is exciting times today as Mirrelson Commercial launched their official website .

With over 25 years’ experience within a family business, Mirrelson Commercial is looking to freshen up the commercial sector with a distinctly modern, targeted and most importantly friendly approach. Professional and friendly service is at the heart of everything in the ethos of the company both for our clients and perspective buyers.

Mirrelson Commercial

Meet the Mirrelson Commercial Team

Since the company’s launch last week, that there is certainly a real buzz of excitement around the office and the sheer positive energy around the offices and out in the field will no doubt impress those who will deal with Mirrelson Commercial.

The real messages the company wanted to display with their official website were their understanding of the importance of a holistic and thorough service which is demonstrated by commercial relationships we have established prior to launch. Mirrelson Commercial can facilitate Surveying Services for its clients as well as financial advice and Commercial Conveyancing. The company wanted to also demonstrate the family element to its inception. This is a very close knit family that lives and breathes commercial estate and business transfer and simply cannot wait to get going!

Speaking ahead of the website launch (After singing ‘we’re simply the best’), Mirrelson Commercial’s Managing Director Lisa Mirrelson conveyed her undoubted excitement as things quickly progress at Mirrelson Commercial HQ:


Lisa Mirrelson

Lisa Mirrelson, Our Fearless Leader

I am delighted to be able to say that our website is everything we wanted it to be! The Mirrelson Commercial website is warm, personable and simple to use and I am especially proud to display the team, one that I feel our clients can rely on. I am very excited about what the future holds for Mirrelson Commercial.’

Lisa Mirrelson Managing Director at Mirrelson Commercial





Exciting times lie ahead for Mirrelson Commercial who above all else want to be ‘Market Leaders in Service’.



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