Busy Days at Mirrelson HQ!

Well since our highly anticipated and industry defining website launch last week, the staff here at Mirrelson HQ have not been off the phones as the buoyancy of the commercial market means our Representatives on the road are rushed of their feet! (Or new office chairs)

With the high demand of potential clients to meet one of our expert representatives and get the appointments arranged, Sales Manager Laura Mirrelson has jumped on the Marketing side to work alongside the supremely talented and incredibly modest Operations Manager, Liam O’Meara.

Laura had this to say:

Office Pic

Laura Mirrelson – Telephone Extraordinaire



‘The response we have got is incredible! We knew our principles would stand us in good stead

but we have been pleasantly surprised with how well the clients have reacted.

I think we are onto a winner here!’







Now is the time to sell your business !

Call Mirrelson Commercial now on 0345 208 8021 and you might even get through to our Laura!



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