Big News at Mirrelson HQ

After a busy couple of weeks following the launch of our state of the art website, Mirrelson Commercial will have some BIG news to announce this week.

Things are moving quickly for the company now and a busy week lies ahead for our reps on the road! Our consultant Cheryl Hopley could not hold her excitement in:

I am very excited

– Cheryl Hopley, Consultant

Operations Manager and all round hero, Liam O’Meara felt compelled to share his thoughts coming out of his usual quiet and conscientious shell to say:

 Things are going very well, perhaps better than I could have imagined. Our reps on the road are busy and the response we are getting from people is fantastic. When I am speaking with people after meeting with our reps they seem blown away by the freshness and exuberance displayed by Mirrelson Commercial.

My only worry is matching the fine work of our reps!

-Liam M O’Meara, Operations Manager.

One thing is for sure, it is exciting times here at Mirrelson HQ and stand by for the announcement of some big news !


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